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Marie 【Recruitment Quest】 Marie_zpsb1a7bae0
STR 50 AGI 70 CON 50 DEX 85 INT 45 CHA 30
Stances: Shotgun Blaster, Gigantic Blaster [v], Sweeper [e]
Armor: Generic Coat, Musketeer Coat

Trigger: - Go to Torsche's Lab with Catherine Torsche
Pre-requisite: Catherine Torsche recruitment quest & creation complete
Items needed within the quest: -

Have Catherine Torsche in your team and move to Dr. Torsche's Lab. You will be moved to an instance.
Talk to Mary at B3 in Dr. Torsche's Lab. She will ask you to complete a series of tasks in which you need to make her favor points reach over 100. There's a new feature that lets you check the favor progression via the top menu. Below are the tasks she will ask you to do. Return to Mary after each task is complete to begin the next one.
Kill 40 Gehcos in the Savage Garden.
Kill Walters until you obtain the quest item "Cleaning Duster".
Move to the following locations in the Reception Hall and click on these items in this order:
G7 (Dusty Table)
H3 (Dusty Box)
E3 (Dusty Desk)
K7 (Dusty Chair)
E9 (Dusty Dinner table)
Move to the same locations as above and click the items again, in the same order.
Move to the Savage Garden and kill Wild Dogs for 10x "Tough Meat" and Hermits for 10x "Cook Thread".
Move to the Grand Library and hunt Haunted Desk for 1x Cooking Pot and Haunted Book for 10x Burning Paper.
Mary wants an Old Dish, go talk to Najib Sharif in Reboldoeux about it. He asks you to hunt Lady Sasha and Crown Lloyd in the Annex of Dr. Torsche's Mansion until you get 50x "Roccoco Style Doll" and 50x "Roccoco Style Male Doll". Return to Najib when done, he'll give you the Old Dish.
Return to Mary with the Old Dish.
Move to the Annex and kill White Bane until you obtain 1x "Dish Sponge".
Move to the Annex and kill Reg until you obtain 10x "Good Cleanser".
Move to the Annex and kill Hellena until you obtain 6x "Clean Broomstick".
* Your favor points should be near 70 after this task.
[repeatable] Move to the renewed daily Dr. Torsche's Basement Raid and kill the bosses Wight and Greg to obtain the quest items "Wight Robe Rag" and "Greg Uniform Rag".
* This quest can be repeated once a day for 6-10 favor points. Repeat it until Mary's favor points are over 100 to progress with her quest. It's recommended to go in squads to minimize the time needed to complete it if the purpose is only to recruit Mary. Otherwise this raid can be done solo if you so wish.
When your favor points are over 100 from doing the Basement-raid, Mary will ask you to clean the stairways of the Grand Library. Move to the stairways in the following locations:
F6 (left) - F6 (right) | F8 (left) - F8 (right) | G8 | F11 (Obtain "Unknown Old Book" item)
With Catherine Torsche in your team, talk to Mary to obtain the "Mary Character Card".

Shotgun expert stance

With Mary in your team, move to Dr. Torsche's Laboratory. You will be moved to the instance "Unknown Old Book".
Collect three Growth Stones and talk to Mary to obtain the stancebook "Sweeper".

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