Ion 【Recruitment Quest】

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Ion 【Recruitment Quest】 Empty Ion 【Recruitment Quest】

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Ion 【Recruitment Quest】 Ion_zps5013ca19
STR 50 AGI 30 CON 50 DEX 30 INT 80 CHA 70
Stances: Possession Ice, Frost [e]
Armor: Elementalist Robe

Trigger: Talk to Ion at F10 in Viron
Prerequisite: Lv20+ Family, Catherine Torsche recruitment & character creation, Lucifer Castle Garden Entry quest
Required items: 10x Black Sap, 10x Blue Sap, 50x Rare Book of Magic, 50x Rare Book of Shooting, 50x Rare Book of Combat, Catherine Torsche character

Ion 【Recruitment Quest】 IonGuidecopy_zps27699935
*Due to restrictions by the original maker of the quest info it's in image form

【Frost Stance Book Quest】

Finish Ion's recruitment quest & character creation.
Go to Snowfield of the Ice Wizard H5, with Ion as your team leader. You will be moved to an instance. Talk to Elmorc.
Collect 1 Symbol of Cancer and 3 Growth Stones. Go back to Snowfield of the Ice Wizard H5, with Ion as your team leader. Talk to Elmorc.
Reward: "Stance Book - Frost".

Item drop locations:
Black Sap & Blue Sap - Eltetah (1 in 75) at Katovic Snowfield and Frozen Plain.
Rare Book of Magic - Every mob (1 in 3000) at Via Fluvial.
Rare Book of Combat - Every mob (1 in 3000) at Abertal.
Rare Book of Shooting - Every mob (1 in 3000) at Deprimida Valley.
Symbol of Cancer - Room of the Dead boss, Faction Missions & Team Arena.

Rare Books can also be gotten by exchanging Old Journals at Abertal:
Rare Book of Combat
Old Journal 4 x100
Rare Book of Magic
Old Journal 5 x100
Rare Book of Shooting
Old Journal 6 x100

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