Knock from Hell's Gate Scenario

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Knock from Hell's Gate Scenario Empty Knock from Hell's Gate Scenario

Post  Folliot on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:20 am

This quest scenario continues from Lucifer Castle Garden quests.

Lionel's Call
Prerequisites: Completed Raven Recruitment Quest, Demonic Jurgen Quest.

Move to Viron to trigger quest mail.
Talk to Lionel in Viron.

A Clue

Go to Viron (G5) to trigger combat mission.
Fight Suspicious Taikbin and reduce him to 25% HP.

Suspicious Taikbin • Lv.120 Human • Soft Armor • None • Medium
HP 401,544 • ATK Rating 62 • ATK 6426 • DEF Rating 62 • DEF 112
Penetration 0 • Immunity 0
RES • Fire 18, Ice 18, Lightning 18, Mental 5

Taikbin's News

Talk to Lionel.

Farrel's Plot

Go to Viron Clock Tower 4F and click on the statue to acquire Time Piece. You do not need to defeat the mission's boss.

Time Piece 1

Talk to Veroniff in Viron to start non-combat mission.
Talk to Veroniff again.

Lionel's Report

Talk to Lionel.

Raven's News

Talk to Raven in Red Sunset Forest.

Montoro's Location
Reward: Access to Lucifer Castle Silent Hall.

Click on green arrow in Lucifer Castle Moonlight Garden (F1) to start combat mission.
Fight Grandis (L128 Human AR/DR 68) and reduce her to 50% HP.
Go to Screaming Corridor (G6) from Silent Hall to trigger quest item - Time Piece.

Lv.125 Golem • Heavy Armor • None • Small
HP 364,500 • ATK Rating 66 • ATK 4698 • DEF Rating 66 • DEF 181
Penetration 30 • Immunity 30
RES • Fire 90, Ice 55, Lightning 80, Mental 99

Red Hair Fighter • Lv.125 Human • Light Armor • None • Small
HP 1,208,217 • ATK Rating 68 • ATK 6593 • DEF Rating 68 • DEF 273
Penetration 65 • Immunity 0
RES • Fire 70, Ice 70, Lightning 70, Mental 70

Time Piece 2

Talk to Veroniff in Viron to start non-combat mission.

Time Piece 3

Talk to Veroniff.

Existence of Portero
Reward: Honor Card G x1, Expert G EXP Card x3

Talk to Lionel.

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