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Lionel 【Recruitment Quest】 Empty Lionel 【Recruitment Quest】

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Lionel 【Recruitment Quest】 Lionel_zps239af503
STR 50 AGI 80 CON 40 DEX 80 INT 40 CHA 40
Stances: Standing Shot, Freestyle Shot, Double-Gun Shot, Outrage Shot [V], Punisher [E]
Armor: Musketeer Coat

Prerequisites: Completion of Viron questline, Raven recruitment questline, Viron Clocktower questline

Name: Lionel’s Request
Location: Viron
NPC: Lionel
Reward: None
1. Go to any major town to receive quest mail.
2. Talk to Lionel.

Name: Clocktower Investigation
Location: Viron, Clocktower
NPC: Lionel
Reward: Honor Card B, Damaged Ancient Polish (2)
Advice on getting the quest items
This mission is limited to MCC1. There is a maximum of 24 users per mission (two full squads).
The recommended squad set up is as follows:

- 1x Tanker per squad (on Crusader Stance with Elite Le Noir and Golden Guard)
- 1-2x ET users per squad (most preferably Emilia)
- 1x Vincent per squad
- As many Calypsos, Elementalists, Helenas with Golem modded gear for DPS.
- Other characters of special interest can include Karjalain, Lisa, Lorch, Nar for their personal skills.

1. Enter the Clocktower Mission (1 Elemental Jewel and 1 Spell Key required per person).
2. There are two rooms on each floor that need to be defeated. A key drops from the carcass of the Boss which is needed to access the subsequent floor.
3. Go to Floor 7 and defeat the Candlegeisters in both rooms (first room yields quest items).
4. Go to Floor 8 and defeat the Steamgeisters in both rooms (first room yields quest items).
This floor requires that both Steamgeisters are killed within the same HP range. A 10% difference in health between the two will lead to HP regeneration. This requires a lot of cooperation between the two squads. Also, the Steamgeisters cannot be dragged from one room to another, as it will cause cause HP regeneration.
Note: only one squad receives the quest items.
3. Return to Lionel.

Name: Farrel’s Response
Location: Viron
NPC: Farrel
Reward: None
1. Talk to Farrel.

Name: Lionel’s Vacation
Location: Viron
NPC: Lionel
Reward: Lionel Character Card
1. Talk to Lionel for reward.


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