【Return to Orpesia】

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【Return to Orpesia】 Empty 【Return to Orpesia】

Post  Folliot on Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:38 pm

【Return to Orpesia】

-Pre-requisite :Judgment day quest, move to Byron.
“Different underlying motive”
1.Talk to Port union leader, Dureum at Byron G-10
2.Mission involving combat “The dangers of dark sea” (human enemies 59 ar/dr)
3.Talk to Dureum

“Kielce harbor”
1.Talk to Dureum, move to Kielce.
2.Talk to Port union president, Jeremy (D-9), receive a letter of introduction.

“Introduction to the Union president”
1.Talk with Usopp, regular army non-commissioned officer, at Kielce C-7~8, give him a white gold bar
2.Non combat-Mission “Encounter with the new governor”.
3.Pass the letter of introduction

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