【Return of the Heroes】

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【Return of the Heroes】 Empty 【Return of the Heroes】

Post  Folliot on Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:54 pm

Return of the Heroes
Requisite: completed “Return to Orpesia” scenario quest.

Completed the following quests:
-Return of the hero, Grace Bernelli
-Return of the hero, Jack
-Return of the hero, Selva & Edward
-Return of the hero, Raven & Gavin

-Heroes of Bristia-
1.With Jack in MCC, move to Red hat, Kielce D-8
2.Non-combat mission “Heroes gathering 1”
3.Move to Red hat again
4.Non-combat mission “Heroes gathering 2”

-After you complete this quest, Marchetti recruitment quest can be started-

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