Return of the Hero 【Selva & Edward】

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Return of the Hero 【Selva & Edward】 Empty Return of the Hero 【Selva & Edward】

Post  Folliot on Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:59 am

Selva extended quest, Edward/Kurt recruitment quest, Return to orpesia scenario quest.

-Move to Kielce.

Edward’s memory
-With Selva in MCC move to Kielce D-9
-Move to Kielce B-6
-Move to Kielce E-7

Selva’s memory

With Selva in MCC move to the following locations in Kielce for non-combat scenes:
-Kielce C-5
-Kielce K-8
-Kielce B-6
-Kielce D-8

Their life
-Move to Kielce, F-8
-Relog to trigger next quest-

A dice has been cast
-Move to Kielce, A-6
-Move to Red hat, Kielce, D-8, non combat mission “proposal disturbance”, move to red hat again.
-Non combat mission “battle of pride”.
-Move to Kielce, L-3, combat mission “research the training center”, human enemies 63 ar/dr, 1m+ hp.
-Move to Red Hat, non combat mission “last choice”.

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