Return of the Hero 【Raven & Gavin】

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Return of the Hero 【Raven & Gavin】 Empty Return of the Hero 【Raven & Gavin】

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Raven extended quest, Return to Orpesia extended quest

-Move to Kielce

Raven & Gavin
Talk to Raven with Gavin as leader.

Lucifer Castle’s treasure
-With Raven and Gavin in MCC go to Lucifer moonlight garden G-4, and get 30 x “Gold”
-Go to Lucifer banquet hall (C-7), obtain “Stripped gold plate”
-Go to Death corridor (I-5), obtain “platinum pendant”
-Talk to Raven using Gavin.

Trade with fence
-With Gavin as leader, talk to Backstreet merchant in Auch (K-7)
-Talk to Raven

Menu Advice
-With Gavin & Raven in MCC, talk to Panfilo
Find easy ingredients
-Obtain the materials Panfilo asked from:
-Queen eater’s egg from Rafflesia
-Vergo the cursed’s back leg from Vergo
-Garim’s Heart, from Garim
-Talk to Panfilo

Indicate a proper country of origin
-Move to Byron to trigger quest notice
-Move to Byron (E-8 )
-Snow wolf leg meat x 10 : Snow wolf, Katovic
-Branch of tree x 10 : Eltetah, Katovic, Frozen plain
-Gecho’s heart x 10 : Gechos, Torsche savage garden
Move to Byron (E-8 )
Non-combat mission “Restaurant”

Money maker stone
-With Gavin move to Auch (H-6)
-With Gavin & Raven move to Auch (H-6) (in front of market Manager)

Life is in one shot
-With Gavin & Raven in MCC move to Auch (E-5)
-Talk to Claire
-Collect 20 of each strange item (tube, clock, cogwheel, spring, hinge)
-Move to ore machine next to Claire
Note: After completed this quest can select to process all ores at once or one by one in rumin machine

Going pequod ship
-With Gavin & Raven in MCC talk to Alejandro

Sailing and.....
-Move to Coimbra J-6 with Raven & Gavin
-Non-combat mission “Kragen’s attack”
-Talk to Alejandro
-This quest reward is Legendary frozen marlin polearm weapon costume

Pub an Trap
-With Gavin & Raven move to Red hat, Kielce (D-8 )
-Non-combat mission

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