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Post  Folliot on Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:16 am

Quoting Myself

Everyones biggest question once they promote a character is this "What stat point for ______?" They get answers from Clanmates or the server or both. Here is a nutshell of how to determine the point your self on Hybrid Characters. Here is Mia as an example:
The great Stat point thread Stats_zps14d43f75
We all know Mia uses a Blade and Ice Bracer for her personal Stances. The blue circle represents the Main hand this hand determines the type of attack is focused on when she is attacking. Mia uses her Rapier as her main form of attack and the Ice bracer and secondary. The red circle is the secondary wep, this weapon supports the main weapon the stats you add/chip on to here boost the main hand. If your main hand weapon is 33AR and your second hand weapon is 30 Your over all AR will decrease by the difference.

Stat point allocation is based on the Main hand weapon Mia all though uses ele magic and melee all of her allocation points are in STR. Another Hybrid under alot of debate due to her being new is Adriana. Adriana uses a Saber in her main hand and a Pistol in her secondary hand is also a STR allocation with a cycle attack: Slash slash shoot or shoot shoot slash. The saber still determines the attack of the shooting on her basic attack. A switch up for another bladed hybrid is Raven he uses a Pistol in his main hand and a Rapier in his second hand if you understand the way this works now you know Raven's allocation is all in DEX

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