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Helping People level! Empty Helping People level!

Post  Tkdfamily on Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:33 pm

Hello clannies,

I am known as the Panda or Tkdfamily.

From today to whenever I stop this service for some reason, I will be vesping clannies and leveling them up. This is for the purpose of getting us stronger and getting those family attribute points.

Here are some rules:

1) One character per person. If you want a second character leveled at the same time, I will charge you 25mi to get your second character to 100 if your level 60/40/20 or 1, and 5mil per level if the character is veteran going to expert. The max is 2 characters per family. ( I am doing this because the more characters you have the slower the experience gets, especially when this gets bigger and we have around 5 or more people.)
2)You can only level characters that are Pre-veteran or Pre-expert. If you want to level a expert to get to master, I will charge you 10mil per level(which is 100mil for 10 levels) You can only bring that character and only that character. I am doing that because it slows down the experience gain for the people in the party, which does not make me happy.
3)You can not afk. (The max you can afk is 15minutes per vesping cycle(which is 2hours)) I just want people to be there, to entertain me and to entertain each other. Also for people to get to know each other. If you need to go afk Pm me before leaving or speak in the chat. Also switching characters will not count towards the afk.
4)For people who are rich and bring extra characters, you cant afk, I will ask your percentage and what level randomly or when I feel like it Razz. You can leave if you have a good reason to go afk for a bit.
5)I want people talking and having fun, I might sometimes, hit on you if your a girl or Bela Razz but nothing much.

These rules will change when we start. Ill add more rules or remove some. It all depends. Sometimes, i might be helping someone or running raids, so on that day I might not be able to do it, but the only way to know when I am vesping, is thru Folli, Aqua, or Bela. ill have them set it as a broad or announcement in clan, if I am gonna be vesping that night or not. Ill start vesping at 11Pm-1Am server time or maybe earlier depending on the day.

Another way to tell if I am vesping or not look on my familys profile, I will post the time I am vesping.

I usually vesp with Grandies who is equiped with a Undead GS. She kills the vesps within 5seconds or somewhere around there(auto attack)


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