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Cruise 【Recruitment Quest】 Empty Cruise 【Recruitment Quest】

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Cruise 【Recruitment Quest】 Cruze_zpsa3deff78
STR 80 AGI 30 CON 70 DEX 30 INT 60 CHA 40
Stances: Back-guard, Hack and Slash, Furious [e]
Armor: Generic Leather, Scout Leather, Fighter Leather

Trigger: -
Pre-requisite: -
Items needed within the quest: 10x Bahia Lucky Coupon & all the items required to enter Secret Tower and the last boss floor.

Talk to Cruise.
Go to Bahia Beach and bring Cruise 10x Bahia Lucky Coupon.
Change channel and talk to Cruise to be moved to a non-combat instance, "Silly Cruise".
Talk to Cruise.
Move to Secret Tower. Kill the final boss "General Guard" for a quest item.
Talk to Cruise.
Move to Bahama Swamps and talk to Hunter June.
Talk to Cruise.
Cruise will give you 5 different hunting quests where you will need to kill 5 of each monster.There are only 2 of these spawns per map and Channel and respawn 30 minutes after death. There is no precise location on where they will spawn. The order of the quests given will be at random.

a) Angry Acorchado - Tierra Putrefacta
Note: He is the bigger version from the "Acorchado" mob which spawns in the same map.
Nonetheless he is easy to search for since the map is relatively small.

b) Captain Capybara - Albertal
Note: It is easy to spot this mob since he looks different from a normal capybara.

c) Exiliced Valkyrie - Snowfield of the Ice Wizard
Note: This is the hardest to scavenger for since the map is extremely large.

d) Imoogi - Bahama, Swamp of Eternity
Note: Since Bahama has a swamp type water area he can easily be hidden under water due to his small size.

e) Queen Bee - Ustiur, Zona Dos
Note: He is the same size as the "Elite Killer Bee" mob in the area so keep a look out for anything that flies.

Talk to Cruise.
Talk to Pharrel in Byron.
Talk to Cruise.
Talk to Dean in Byron. Reward: 5 Veteran chips.
Talk to Thief Taikbin in Byron to be moved to a non-combat instance. Talk to Taikbin afterwards again.
Talk to Cruise to recieve his character card.

The quest is relatively easy but takes a long period of time to finish due to the Hunting Quest.
Finding the monsters you need to kill is not easy since they can spawn randomly all over the map.
It's better if you /broad for a squad per area to ask if anyone is doing that specific quest at that time.
Then ask other members to roam in different channels and call the whole squad once a monster is found.
This process will make the searching part of the quest easier and once the monster is killed the quest will be credited to all members of the squad on the same channel near the death of the monster.
It is also better to find a squad since the monsters have massive HP.


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