What the hell does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet )

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What the hell does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet ) Empty What the hell does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet )

Post  Folliot on Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:03 pm

This was taken from T3 Topic of the same name.

This game has alot of acronyms here is a guide to most of them some may be missing still

Armor terms:

ESA -30 dr metal armor elite shivelrir armor
ERM -84e general leather armor
EBF -Elite bone frame armor
EDC -Elite Dragon Coat
ERS -Elite Rescue suit
ELV -elite la ventisca
EPJ -elite pendera jacket
ELN - 32 base dr armor
ELB - 30 base dr armor
LN - 29 base dr armor
GC - 33 base dr armor
FoC - fate of castilla 33 base dr metal armor

Character Terms:
STF -soho the fighter
ETS -emilia the sage
ATP -adelina the pirate
BSI -battlesmith idge
ICP -iron chef panfilo
Musk -stock muskateer
Sco -stock scout
Wiz -stock wizard
Ele -stock elementalist(warlock)
Fig -stock fighter
emy -emilia
caly -calypso

Raid (and activity) Terms:
T2, T3 -trinity 2 or trinity 3 mission lobby
STo/STw -secret tower raid
STe/ST - secret temple
TA -team arena
PY -poisen yard
BC -battle coliseum
BH -Bounty Hunter mission's
FG -fire gate
IG -ice gate
LG -lightning gate (or Liquid gas)
ASV -Arsene Secret Vault
ToC -Tower of Chaos
CT -Clock Tower
LW -Legion wars
BF -Battlefield (same as LW)
CW -Colony Wars
HB -HellBreaker
Luci -lucifer castle

Trading Terms:
WTB -want to buy
WTT -want to trade
WTS -want to sell
EJs -Elemental Jewels
GS -Great stone
PC - Price check (sometimes Port of Coimbra)
MM = Market Manager

Other terms: (these are ones I've yet to classify...working on it still)
UD -undead
WB -wild beast
MSA -magic spelled amythest
DHr -dragon heart recipe
FC -firecracker
MA -martial artist
BD -black dragon
OJ10 -old journal 10
Fakes -any of several lower level weapons used to make 92e weapons
AQM -al quelt moreza
MM -market manager
MP -mysterious powder
MSP -mysterious steel piece
PC - Price check / Port Coimbra (depends on the context)
UA - Upgrade Accelerators
EB - Enchant Boosters
CAA - Caebolan Ancient Area
++ = Invite to squad
POC: Port Of Coimbra (i use this instead of the PC thats Bahu wrote)
AR: attack rating
WC = Whole Cancel
RM = Refresh Mind
ASOS = Ancient Star Orbs
DD = Devil Dreams
MW = Mortal Wound
DR: defense rating
LG: liquid gas (an item) of lightning gate (a raid)
Inv = invulnerable
PF= Protection field
Pink = Use Pink Lolipop/Pink Candy
Boost = AM Boost/Str pot/Boost pot
TF = Triumph Fillers
ET = Enhanced Tactics
Emi = Emilia
Bars = White gold bars (like pay me in bars)
Res = Resurrect/Resuscitation
Ele = Elementalist
Hele = Helena
IWT-Ice Wizard's Tower same as IG or Novia
WGB-white gold bars
KoG-King of Covetry aka. King of Greed
AoE = area of effect
PBAoE = player based area of effect
BoP = bind on pick up (which never exists in sword)
LTA - La Tierra D'Amor
FF - Faction Fight (others know it as faction buff)
GM - Game Moderator (AM is the same but i don't actually know that the A stands for)
HWC - Holy water chamber
SV - Secret Vault
CM - Castilla Mines
Relics - Castilla Ruins
OPC - Old Port of Coimbra
PB - Porto Bello
Gay - Andre
monkey - lostmoony
IWT = Icy Wizard Tower (Ice Gate, Novia) (I know it's been said :d)
OP - Otite Piece
LS - Le Scarce
DPS - Damage Per Second (pretty common tho)
sGE/kGE/tGE/jGE - other Granado espada versions (Singapore, Korean, Taiwan, Japanese etc)
ASO for Ancient Star Orbs as well

There are many stance abbreviations as well
BF - Bloody Feast
SS - Shining/Shadow Sting
Puni - Punisher
Pelt - Petlast
DC - Death Chopping

(Most of the character names are self explanatory tbh)
CT/Torsche - Cath Torsche
Cath/y - One of the Cath ROBOTS
boma- Mboma
Val - Valleriia
Reck - Crazy Emilia
Karja - Mia Karjalain

The Barons - When used like that may refer to Kurt + Eduardo.
SB = Shining Balad, one of Vincent Rio's buffs
3S = Added after a wep name, indicates item has 3 sockets (same for 1S and 2S)
SC = Soul Crystal
CM = Castilla Mine
CR = Castilla Ruins
MCC = Multi-Character Control, the fancy way of saying 'control 3 chars at once'
MCC1 = Indicates you can only use one character, or only have 1 in your team.
AMs = Refers to AM's Boost, a potion buff.
KTV = Katovic Snowfield
SST = Server Standard Time
Inv = Invite, most often in reference to a squad.
PM = Private message
AC = Armor Crasher
BB = Black Bishop - a e100 LoE
LoE = 'Lord of Elements', a specific type of bracelet, has no official element affiliation
GS = Greatsword, a two-handed melee weapon
2H = A two-handed melee weapon (ie: Greatswords)
1H = A one-handed melee weapon, specifically Swords.

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What the hell does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet ) Empty Re: What the hell does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet )

Post  Aquastone on Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:41 pm

So many words O_O

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What the hell does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet ) Empty Re: What the hell does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet )

Post  Heavenley on Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:04 pm

i just had a scroll Laughing


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What the hell does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet ) Empty Re: What the hell does ______ mean? (a guide to GE alphabet )

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