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Valleria 【Recruitment Quest】 Empty Valleria 【Recruitment Quest】

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Valleria 【Recruitment Quest】 Val_zpsb59fc422
STR 30 AGI 50 CON 40 DEX 50 INT 80 CHA 50
Stance: Medic, Enchanced Tactics, Innocentio
Armor: Robe

(Credit to Book of Wind)
Objective: Valeria Character Card
Prerequisite: completed Ania recruitment quest, member of faction with party affiliation (i.e. level 52 Faction)

Royalist Faction:
Go to Reboldeaux to trigger the quest mail automatically.
Talk to Sir Lyndon.
Republican Faction:
Go to City of Auch to trigger the quest mail automatically.
Enter Villa de Libertad and talk to Simon Ayende.

Go to the small room at C4 of Prison de Joaquin, Torture Chamber and click on the green arrow at the corner to start a combat instance. Mission lasts 30 minutes. Within the mission:-
Defeat all normal mobs in the first area to unlock to Warp Gate.
Click on the Warp Gate at the end to move to the next area.
Defeat the first boss Kingdom Ogre. Kingdom Ogre has the following stats:-

Kingdom Ogre (lvl130)
human / heavy / none / medium
hp: 549,738
AR / ATK: 67 / 30135
DR / DEF: 67 / 255
RES: Fire 70, Ice 70, Lightning 70, Mental 40
Click on the crystal mechanism in the middle of area to summon the next boss.
Move to the back of the area and defeat the second boss Testormento. Testormento has the following stats:-

Testormento (lvl135)
human / heavy / none / large
hp: 893,037
AR / ATK: 69 / 14156
DR / DEF: 69 / 248
RES: Fire 85, Ice 85, Lightning 85, Mental 60
Click on the crystal mechanism in the middle of the area again.
Return to Simon to receive Valeria Character Card.

This marks the end of Valeria's recruitment quest. Completion is required for the Joaquin Underground Prison raid mission (which drops the stance book for Valeria's exclusive [Innocentio] stance)

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