Return of the Hero 【Grace Bernelli】

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Return of the Hero 【Grace Bernelli】 Empty Return of the Hero 【Grace Bernelli】

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Call of Bernelli

Pre-requisite :completed Bernelli extended quest, Return to Orpesia scenario
Items: 60 ice Rufus Reaper’s wing, 30 sedative.

-Talk to Bernelli

Ein’s whereabouts

-Talk to Derrick (Katovic E-F8) using Bernelli.
-Talk to Bernelli

Consolation Gift

-Talk to “Flower girl”, at Vegas Javier (I5)
-Repeat the hunting quest to get 50 x yellow flowers.
-Talk to Bernelli, give her the yellow flowers.

-Include Bernelli in MCC and move to Thueringen Lakeside (C6)
-Non-combat mission “Farewell”.

-Talk to Bernelli

The owner of green light
-Talk to Dr. Torsche in Bahia Hut.

Torsche’s sedative
-Talk to Dr. Torsche (Bahia Hut), give him 20 x Sedative, 20 x Ice rufus reaper’s wing
-Non-combat mission “The cannon of concentrated magic”

A new truth
-Talk to Bernelli.

Stolen Bernelli’s gun
-Move to Topolo durga (G-6)
-Combat mission “Thief morgan base camp”

-Minions: Human 63 to 65 ar/dr
-Boss: Human 82ar/72dr tip: use Protection Field -Just need to kill Elite Thief Morgan-
-Return the stolen gun to Bernelli

Trustworthy person
-Talk to Simon Ayende with Bernelli in MCC

A letter to a far away place
-Talk to Simon Ayende the next day (i’ve talked to him on the next day, he said gotta keep waiting…the quest itself says “you can check once a day” >.<)

Come back, Bernelli
-Talk to Bernelli

Bernelli’s sedative
-Talk to Bernelli and give her 10 x Sedative, 20 x Ice rufue reaper’s wings.

Go back, Bernelli
-Talk to Simon Ayende, using Bernelli
-Combat Mission “Unwelcomed visitor in Thueringen Lakeside” (30 mins limit)

Boss stats comming soon

3.Talk to Simon.

Go to government general of Brestia
-Move to governor`s office, Kielce (F-2)

-A fake entry pass
Talk to Simon Ayende.
A fake entry pass -Research information
-Move to Governor’s office.
-Non-combat mission “Fake entry pass owner 1”.

A fake entry pass -Information gathering 1

-Move to Plaza, Kielce (J-8 )
-Non-combat mission “Fake entry pass owner 2”

A fake entry pass -Information gathering 2
-Talk to security guards, Kielce (D-8 )
-Non-combat mission “Fake entry pass owner 3”

Owner of the fake entry pass
-Talk to Heyran in Red hat.
-Leave Red Hat to trigger a conversation with Grace.

A fake entry pass will reborn as a real one in my hands!
-Talk to Elizabeth, Genius painter, Kielce (K-9)

Stolen Elizabeth’s color paints
-Hunt in Kielce Night and gather 15 x Elizabeth’s color paint (low drop rate, thief Joel drops it).
-Talk to Elizabeth.

Go back to the government general of Brestia
-Move to governor`s office, Kielce (F-2)
-Non-combat mission “To the governor`s office”.

Undeclinable request
-Talk to security guards (D-8 )
-Non-combat mission “Red Hat”

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