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Return of the Hero 【Jack】 Empty Return of the Hero 【Jack】

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Angie extended quest completed, Return to Orpesia scenario quest.

-Move to Kielce
-Legendary Military Engineer-

Sad news
-Move to governor`s office, Kielce (F-2), talk to Olivia, no-combat mission.
-Talk to Jack in Stone pit.

-Talk to Angie in queens gate.
-Including Angie in MCC, move to Castilla Mine (F-7)
-Talk to Angie.
-Kill 20 Taurus, 20 Jumping fish and 30 Lorch in Bahama zones.
-Talk to Angie.
-With Angie as leader, talk to Jack

Don’t stop me, novices!
-With Jack in MCC talk to Captain Dob in Kielce (D-7)
-Non-combat mission “Legendary military engineer”.
-Talk to captain Dob.
-Go to the Red Hat (D-8 ), non-combat mission.
-Combat mission (30 mins limit), “Monster appearance!” (enemies wildlife, 66 ar/dr)

Maintaining security and defeat monsters
-Move to governor’s office, conversation with Olivia
Note: Must complete the repeatable daily mission “Maintain security at night”(10 friendship+3 Expert G EXP cards points per day).Can start it with William regular army at Kielce F-2.
-Next quest needs 50 friendship

Illegitimate child of the 3 year war
-With Jack in MCC move to governor’s office, conversation with Olivia.

Note: Next quest needs 100 friendship

To get a clue
-Talk to Olivia.
-With Jack in MCC move to Kielce, Night I-9
-Combat mission (20 mins limit) “Killer Track”
-Reduce Jurgen’s hp to half (67 AR/DR, 236 DEF, 8m HP, 75 RES all)
-Move to training center
-Go to the red hat, Kielce (D-8 ), non combat mission “A place to release an anger”.

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